Make Sure Your Smile is Holiday Ready

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The holidays are a time for reverence and reflection. From Thanksgiving to New Year, our time is often time spent full of family and holiday pictures. We all want to look our Sunday-best around our family, so why shouldn’t your smile be picture perfect too? Our experts at Corkern Dental have a few handfuls of service options to help you get a snow-white smile full of holiday cheer!

Have You Tried Teeth Whitening In Baton Rouge

We know how it goes when the family’s coming into town. You’re running around cleaning up the house, getting the decorations up, and preparing all the food. Even with all that stress, it’s easy to forget about your smile! Much like the holidays, teeth whitening is often frustrating and unpredictable when you do them yourself. At Corkern Dental we give you a break from stressful “DIY” whitening kits that only offer temporary and fleeting results. Have you ever wondered why professional teeth whitening works so much better than your traditional at-home kits?

What Makes Professional Teeth Whitening So Much Better?

When talking about teeth whitening, the first thing you need to realize is all teeth are not created equal. Your tooth color is based on your environment and is affected by environmental factors. Stain molecules trapped within the microstructures of your teeth cause them to become discolored over time. The size of these molecules directly affects the chance of your teeth appearing discolored. The entire idea of teeth whitening is to unlock these trapped molecules in your teeth. Once free of these molecules, your teeth’s natural pigment starts to shine through.

At-home whiteners consist of peroxide gels that work as bleaching agents for your teeth. The gels break down water, oxygen, and all those free-radicals stuck in your teeth. The problem with at-home teeth whitening kits is the quality of the whitening chemical in them. The whitening gel needs to be “fully potent”, meaning the whitening agents need to be of certain purity. A lot of at-home kits don’t meet the minimums for required chemical potency. These products can leave you with a mouth full of disappointment and spotted teeth. 

Fortunately, at Corkern Dental we have the KöR Whitening System. KöR works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving and removing stain molecules on contact. Unlike at-home kits, KöR is completely permanent—meaning no more time-consuming reapplications. This system has been clinically studied for more than three decades, and safely used on millions of patients. So be certain that KöR Whitening is entirely safe.

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Corkern Family Dental wants to give you the smile you deserve for this holiday season. So what are you waiting for? Unwrap a smile that shines brighter than Rudolph’s nose. Call us at 225-452-2887 or contact us to begin your teeth whitening in Baton Rouge with the pros! If you have any questions before your appointment, do not hesitate to call. Prepare for your holiday season with the right smile.

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